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Intergovernmental Grants in Financing of Investment Activity in Organization

There are two basis avenues of transferring resources from one level of government to another: sharing of revenues or a system of grants.

The Regularity of Bisiness-angel Financing of Innovation: Theory and Practices

There is the theory of Angel Investor’s financing in foreign countries. The author explains the difference between venture capital and Angel Investor’s financing in Russia. The author analyzes Angel Investor’s financing in start-up period. He explains the main barrier for Angel Investor’s financing in Russia, in particular, in period of seed and startup period.

Financial Risk Management as a Way to Maintain a Firm’s Economic Stability

Risk reduction down to as lower (acceptable) level as possible is the basic task of risk management activity of any firm. The purpose of risk management is maintenance of the stability and dynamical nature of the firm’s development, i.e. optimization of the risk deviations from the trend of development. The process of risk management is regular work on: revealing various risks; estimation of them; choosing ways to manage risks; realizations of the ways chosen; estimation of the final results.

Value Based Management as Innovative Principle of Firm Strategies in Russia

The paper is about innovative principle of firm purpose function – value based management. The criterium of undertaking management decisions, strateges and progects is the growth of the stakeholders wealth. The methods of undertaking management decisions, the role of the cash flows prognostication, discounting process, the creation of the firm cost capital, connection of company capitalization and market power are considered in this paper.

This Management System of the Investment Risks

The article deals with a search of the optimum combination the risk and brings. The management system of investment risks with calculation many different factories of working out elaboration.

Kinds of Investment Risks and Their Rating Estimation in the Saratov Area

Investment appeal is the key parameter of the development of any region. The important factor of investment appeal is the investment risk. Some basic parameters, by which groups of regions on investment risk are formed, are considered in this article. The rating of the Saratov area on investment risk is shown.

Investment Appeal of the Saratov Area Among Regions the Russian and Privolzshkii Federal District

Investment appeal of the Russian regions in this article is considered as the economic category consisting of rather independed characteristics: the investment potential, the investment risk and the number of the regions described in the high investment and low investment risk.

Management of Debitor and Creditor Debts with a View of Acceleration of Speed of the Working Capital in the Building Organizations

In the article the concept and analysis methods debitor and creditor debts, influence of debts on the speed of the a working capital are considered, features of management debitor and creditor debts in the building organisations are allocated.

Strategy of Maintenance of Economic Safety of the Enterprise: Personnel Aspect

The article deals wirh characteristic of strategy of maintenance of economic safety. The auther focuses on personnel aspect, internal and external threats of personnel safety. Proves, that in maintenance of personnel safety planning of the personnel should bear the basic loading.

The Innovation Approach to Management of Industrial Company’s Strategic Development

The article touches upon the theoretical and methodological aspects of innovation approach to management of strategic development at industrial enterprises. The analysis of Balanced Scorecard introduction efficiency (for ex. Public JSC “Robert Bosch Saratov) is presented (given). The application of this method enables to increase the company’s value growth and improve key performance indicators of financial and economic activity of the enterprises.