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Study of Consumer Behavior in the Perception of the Quality of High-tech Products, the Output Market Innovation Community

Introduction. The study of consumer behavior in the era of acute competition is an effective tool in promoting sales and improve business performance. Theoretical analysis. In the article the author wording categories of consumer behavior in selecting high-tech products, studied the factors affecting the ability of consumers to solvent. Discussion of results. Based on the analysis of consumer behavior on the results of the survey developed scheme of consumer behavior in selecting high-tech products. Investigated stages purchase decision.

Self-organizing Capabilities of National Economy in Modern Russia

In the article self-organizing opportunities of a National Economy in modern Russia are discussed. Self-organizing opportunities of a National Economy are related with the becoming a private sector, business and consumer market development, and also transition of a competition to a new level. It is established, that imbalance of market transformations in different spheres of a National Economy doesn’t support stability of economic development in Russia.

Development of Economic Relations Between Corporations and Small and Medium Enterprises

The modern market economic system is based on dual relations between managing subjects, namely, the small and medium business, on the one side, and the large business, on the other side. While the former one gives mobility and flexibility to the economic system, the latter one attaches it competitiveness and stability. During economical transformation of the post-socialist countries, independent small and medium enterprises have appeared.

The Alternative Spring of Social-economic Growth

The article reviews major theoretical approaches to research of circular flow income of households system relations «consumption-saving», to research the function role of these system in modern economic Russia, the interaction of system relations «consumption-saving» and economic growth.

Economics and Law: the Contrariety Unity

In the article analyses interaction of two domain modern society – Economics and Law, influence the contrariety unity and tendency in together.

Development and Transformation in a Structure of National Economy Movement

In article theoretical and methodological questions of National Economy development and transformation are discussed. The matter of categories «change», «movement», «development», «the transformation» is specified. The matter of National Economy’s internal dynamic balance conditions is opened. Cyclic character of National Economy development is submitted as result of consecutive change of conditions external steady imbalance and internal unstable balance of system.

Inter-regional Disproportions of Social and Economic Development of Modern Russia

In the article the reasons are revealed, and also base theories of regional economy regarding a substantiation of inter-regional social and economic disproportionality are considered. Unacceptability of realization of policy of regional development in modern Russia in which basis the principle of disproportional development of regions would lay is proved. 

Basic Features and Forms of Virtual Employment

The 21 century is the time of information. Internet-technologies and information systems are very popular nowadays. Many people make use of it in everyday life, in their work. As a result there are sociolabour relations virtualization and virtual employment. This article deals with basic features and forms of virtual employment.

Features of Use of the Vertical Control in Grocery Chains in the Russian Markets

In article features of the vertical control in economy of Russia are opened, the concept of vertical integration is given, its kinds are allocated. It is analyzed vertical quasiintegration in the local markets, stimulus and restrictions of vertical integration in economy of Russia are investigated. 

Theoretic-Methodological and Spiritual-Moral Problems Formations of Russian Economic Model

In this article the author considers the conditions of formations of the modern paradigm of the economical theory and economic mechanism, which are suitable to the development of Russian economic model.