Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)


Authority and Individual in Rule-of-law State

Various approaches to relationship of state and Individual, and their interrelationship within rule-oflaw state have been discussed in the article. The author has made an attempt to single out the main political ideas of rule-of-law state stipulated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

Constitutional Objectives Specified in the Programs of Political Parties are Analyzed as Legislative Acts

Constitutional objectives of political parties, which won elections passed on December 2007, are analyzed in the present article. The notion «objective» is used as philosophic and ontological category. Special emphasis is laid to parties programs and their analysis, parties main objectives are revealed as constitutional acts. Parties’ ideological principles and their legal functions are taken into consideration as well.

The Critics Aimed to the Participation of Administrative Political Elites in Democratic Process: the Peculiarities of the Begging Stage

The article is devoted to the analysis of the contradictions in a structure of critics aimed to the participation of administrative political elites in democratic changes during “Perestroyka”. The peculiarities of the methodology of this critics and the theoretical argumentation are considered.

The Truth in the Criminal Proceeding

In the article the problem of the truth establishment in the criminal proceeding is investigated. The author treats the truth not only as a goal, but as means of proving procedure in criminal case.

To a Question on Features of Development of the Juridical Education in Russia in XIX centuries

In clause process of formation of system of the juridical education in XIX century in Russia is shown. Influence on the given process of increase of a role of the legislation and legality in management of Russia is marked. However if in first half XIX century development of the domestic juridical education had extensive character, besides strong influence on the Russian education system was rendered by the West-European legal schools in second half XIX century the state of affairs varies in the best party.

The Government of the Roman Provinces: the Growirg and Development

In this article (treatise) on the basis of a source material has been represented a process of the growing and development of the provincial government’s system in Roman Empire. It has been also demonstrated a various character of the Roman occupation in his provinces.

Guarantee of Providing Personal Rights in Criminal Proceeding

The author describes the guarantees of the criminal procedure participants based on the articles of the Constitution of Russian Federation and other federate laws, thus realizing the rights and duties.

Conducting Interrogation Extraordinary Committee of Investigation of Temporary Government

In article is considered organization, procedure and particularities of the undertaking inquests high-ranking official to Russian empire – an under investigation Exceeding investigation commission (CHSK). 

Motor-traction Contracts system

In the article problems of the market relations influence on the forming of the motor-traction contracts system are analyzed. In the work it is concluded, that the majority of contracts, connected with freight, supplement each other and make interconnected system of contracts. 

Formation of the Idea of the Legal State Definition in Russia

In the article the author analyzes the formation problem of the idea of the legal state definition in soviet and till the soviet period and period of reformation in Russia at the modern stage in according to the constitutional definition of Russian state as social and legal one.