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The role of technological entrepreneurship in industry in modern conditions

Introduction. The competitiveness of industry in modern conditions is carried out through scientific and technological development. High-tech companies play a key role in solving the main tasks of increasing the competitiveness of Russian economy in accordance with global challenges and priorities of Russia’s scientific and technological development. Theoretical analysis.

The Innovation Approach to Management of Industrial Company’s Strategic Development

The article touches upon the theoretical and methodological aspects of innovation approach to management of strategic development at industrial enterprises. The analysis of Balanced Scorecard introduction efficiency (for ex. Public JSC “Robert Bosch Saratov) is presented (given). The application of this method enables to increase the company’s value growth and improve key performance indicators of financial and economic activity of the enterprises.

Роль технологического предпринимательства в сфере промышленности в современных условиях

Введение. Обеспечение конкурентоспособности промышленности в современных условиях осуществляется через научно-техническое развитие.

Comparative analysis of university models by their innovation activity

Introduction. Universities play an important role in the formation and transfer of new knowledge, its application and commercialization, becoming centers of intellectual development, scientific discoveries and technological progress. Innovative activity is one of the key success factors for a university in the field of domestic higher education.

Development of Russian precious metals sales planning under the conditions of macroeconomic and geopolitical instability

Introduction. The development of science and technology in recent decades, the active introduction of innovations and ongoing technological changes have significantly influenced economic processes and led to the emergence of a post-industrial economic system with a predominance of the Quaternary knowledge-intensive sector of the economy. Theoretical analysis. The development of intellectual activity and the expansion of the intellectual production sphere change the quality of the economic system itself.

Principles of Innovation System Eurasec Mesoscale

Introduction. In modern conditions, the achievements of science and technology determine the dynamics of economic growth of competitiveness in the global community, the extent of their national security and equitable integration into the world economy.

The «Triple Helix» in the Innovation System Saratov Region – Interaction and Disadvantages of Functioning

Introduction. The article deals with the content of theories of «Triple Helix», developed by Western scholars at the beginning of the XXI century, the essence of which is the need for innovative interaction of three driving forces of the modern economy – the university community, industry and the public authorities, and analyzes the practical aspects of this interaction in the Saratov region, shows the advantages and disadvantages of the relationship between data elements. Theoretical analysis.

The Analysis of Economic Activity of Small Innovative Enterprises Founded by Budget Scientific and Educational Institutions of Higher Education

Introduction. This article discusses one of the priorities of the economic policy of the Russian Federation, namely promoting innovation activity of companies founded on the basis of cost of scientific and educational institutions of higher education. The ability to build such companies has been allowed by the Federal Law of August 15, 2009 № 217 and Decree of the Russian Federation № 219 of April 9, 2010 (hereinafter, the Program 219). The classification of these companies and the analysis of their activity are considered in the paper.

Model of Balanced Distribution of Innovative Resources of Industrial Enterprises Between Objects of Innovation

Introduction. In today’s world the use of information technology in an industrial enterprises is one of the key factors for its development. Information systems provide the stable functioning of the various companies, supporting all key innovation processes, as well as a source of analytical support for effective management decisions to ensure a balanced distribution of innovative resources between objects of innovation. Theoretical analysis.

Analysis and Control Scheme Innovative Portfolio Mesoeconomic Systems (on the Example of Saratov Region)

Introduction. Relevance of studying the problems of managing the innovation portfolio meso system driven by the need of forming a supportive innovation environment at the meso level. Theoretical analysis. In domestic and foreign works on the theory and methodology of project management on the management of particular importance to the innovative portfolio of projects at the meso level. State of these studies reveals new trends in the meso system.