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сельское хозяйство

The Principle of Priority of Protection of Land as a Component of Environmental Environment before it Can Be Used as a Real Estate and Its Implementation in Judicial Practice

Introduction. In article one of the basic principles of the land right mentioned in Art. 1 of the Land code of the Russian Federation, the fixing priority of protection of the earth as the most important component of the environment and means of production in agricultural industry and forestry before use of the earth as a fast estate is investigated. Theoretical analysis. This principle means that possession, use and the order of the earth are carried out by owners of the land plots freely if it does not cause an environmental damage.

The Foundation of the Agricultural Development State Regulation

Introduction. In addressing the issue of ensuring dynamic and sustainable socio-economic growth of the agricultural economy based on internal factors of competitiveness, the distribution of state support among agricultural producers is of particular relevance. Theoretical analysis. The article discusses the theoretical and methodological aspects of agricultural state regulation.

Unevenness analysis of agricultural production in Russia

Introduction. Agriculture affects the food, economic and social security of the country. The unevenness of agricultural production is due to natural, climatic and economic factors, for example, the enlargement of enterprises, the introduction of efficient means and production technologies. The increase in territorial unevenness can lead to a shortage of food, its rise in price due to transport markup. Unevenness in the size of organizations also has socio-economic implications.

Russian Food Industry: External Factors and Competitive Forces Analysis

A set of external factors mostly influencing the Russian food industry is concerned in this article. It includes: domestic agriculture raw material deficit, lack of the processing equipment, insufficient solvency of the Russian population. Basic indices of the factories` operating system having been analyzed, in the modern economy the state should consider the food industry development as a complex system.