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Regional Aspects of Sustainable Development of Russian Economy

Cheremisinov Georgy Aleksandrovich, Saratov State University
Fenin Cyril V., Saratov State University

Introduction. This article assesses the influence of uneven evolution of socio-economic processes in the Russian regions on specific development and functioning of the national economy of Russia. Methodology and results of research. The level of self-sufficiency of economy of Russian regions can be presented through an indicator of the economic density which results of calculations testify to sharp differentiation between regions of the Russian Federation. For example, Moscow, St. Petersburg, and also Moscow, Belgorod, Lipetsk, Kaliningrad, Samara region, Republic of Tatarstan and Krasnodar region of 78 regions of Russia have the highest rates of economic density. Theoretical analysis. The model of cumulative causation of regional economic growth describes dynamics of development of national economy. Inequality of regions of the Russian Federation under the ever-increasing market forces: the developed regions are becoming richer and poorer regions lagging behind. Discussion of results. Capital, labor and investments go from depressed regions in the developed regions more attractive with the best infrastructure and social benefits. Also, one of the barriers to equalize the level of development of regions of the Russian Federation is the ineffectiveness of fiscal relations between the center and the provincial regions. Consequently, the rich regions of Russia are developing due to depressed regions. Conclusion. As result, author proposes specific measures of regional policy, reform of the budget system and some institutional changes, which facilitates the process of leveling the economic space of Russia and the creation of developed urban agglomerations.

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