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Priorities of Regional Economic Policy of the Federal Centre

In the article priorities of regional economic policy of the federal centre within the limits of existing basic concepts of mutual relation of system «the centre – region» are considered. Besides, base paradigms of region and strategy of social and economic development of regions of Russia corresponding to them are considered.

Aspects of the Economic Independence Forming in the Regions of Russia

The article deals with the problem of economic independence forming of the regions considering such forms of its being as selfdetermination, self-governance, and self-realization. Moreover, it is proved that the economic independence creates the possibility of unlimited development of the productive forces and improvement of the industrial relations.

Regional Economy as Economic System of the Country

The article gives a general description of the region as a unity of aggregate economic agents and economic system within the national economy. Consider its systemic features, particularly the reproductive process, in common with the national economy and specificity of economic processes.

Regional and sectoral economy of technological sovereignty of Russia

Introduction. The current state of economic development is due to a long period of spatial infrastructure formation, which is the basis for the formation of a state policy actual concept in its priority areas. The socio-economic strategy of the Russian Federation is currently, for objective reasons, associated with the implementation of the import substitution program.

Development of Russian precious metals sales planning under the conditions of macroeconomic and geopolitical instability

Introduction. The development of science and technology in recent decades, the active introduction of innovations and ongoing technological changes have significantly influenced economic processes and led to the emergence of a post-industrial economic system with a predominance of the Quaternary knowledge-intensive sector of the economy. Theoretical analysis. The development of intellectual activity and the expansion of the intellectual production sphere change the quality of the economic system itself.

Regional Aspects of Sustainable Development of Russian Economy

Introduction. This article assesses the influence of uneven evolution of socio-economic processes in the Russian regions on specific development and functioning of the national economy of Russia. Methodology and results of research. The level of self-sufficiency of economy of Russian regions can be presented through an indicator of the economic density which results of calculations testify to sharp differentiation between regions of the Russian Federation. For example, Moscow, St.

Quality of Investment as a Factor of Reproductive Potential and Competitiveness of the Region

Introduction. Further successful development of the Russian regions should be based on the strategy of modernization. Identification of the main problems of economic development of regions, especially investment, should be an important stage in the construction of this strategy.

Factors Affecting the Innovative Development of the Region

Introduction. The problems of determining the composition of the factors influencing the innovative development of the region, the methodologies for measuring this influence and the development of tools for its evaluation are relevant in the context of developing potential mechanisms for stimulating regional innovation activity in modern conditions. Theoretical analysis.

Application of Multiplicative Dependencies in Analysis the Universities Contribution in Regional Economic Development

Introduction. Determination of the contribution of the university to the economic development of the region need to stimulate innovative activity and to implement state regulation requires a more in-depth analysis of innovative activity of regional universities. The development of innovative trends and constant monitoring of innovative activity of regional organizations requires an integrated approach, applying mathematical and instrumental tools of analysis. Methods.

Economic Space Density as a Measure of Territory Potential’s Effective Use

Introduction. In the territory of modern Russia there is a compression of economic space to places of concentration that testifies the decrease of potential development opportunities of separate territories, the degree of their inclusion in economic activity, the efficiency of the territory resources use. Theoretical analysis. The understanding of the current trend in modern Russia is based on the concept of J.