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Special Features of the Municipal Budgets Carrying out in 2008-2009

The article is devoted to the problems of forming and carrying out the municipal budgets under the crisis conditions. The author analyses the problem aspects of carrying out local budgets in 2008-2009, and possible measures of increasing the budget incomes on the municipal level. The opinion about the necessity to cut down a part of the subject inter-budget transfers in these budgets, is given in the article. The author shows the analysis of the budget incomes structure of the municipal district of Saratov city.

Regional Aspects of Sustainable Development of Russian Economy

Introduction. This article assesses the influence of uneven evolution of socio-economic processes in the Russian regions on specific development and functioning of the national economy of Russia. Methodology and results of research. The level of self-sufficiency of economy of Russian regions can be presented through an indicator of the economic density which results of calculations testify to sharp differentiation between regions of the Russian Federation. For example, Moscow, St.

Specifics of Budgeting as a Model of Financial Planning in Organization Economic Activities

Introduction. Budgeting as a financial planning model allows to prove the optimal consumption levels of funding and allows enterprises to obtain competitive advantages, which is important in today’s market. The paper outlines the elements of the financial planning and budgeting as the features of the model financial planning activities of the organization, a detailed approach which can improve the efficiency of the company. Theoretical analysis.

Financial aspects of the Saratov agglomeration development

Introduction. The issue of financial support for the development of urban agglomerations is one of the most relevant, since the timeliness and completeness of the integration processes financing largely determine the success in achieving the goals of creating agglomerations. Of particular importance is the budgetary and tax integration of local territories included in the single agglomeration space, since the current legislation establishes significant independence of local authorities in the formation of local budgets. Theoretical analysis.

About Passage to the Principle of Effective Budgeting in Russia

The article is devoted to the budgetary reform in Russia. The author is examined questions of passage to the medium-term budget planning, shaping of state (municipal) job for the noncommercial establishments, realignment of the network of public institutions, formation of program budget. For example to Saratov region and the city of Saratov are given the positive aspects of the conducted changes in the budgetary sphere and their problematic moments.