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Globalization and Morden Labour Migration

In the article labour is observed as global resource. Labour migration forms global labour market and composes the basis of different models of globalization. In the article interconnection of models of globalization and forms of labour migration are traced.

Principles of Innovation System Eurasec Mesoscale

Introduction. In modern conditions, the achievements of science and technology determine the dynamics of economic growth of competitiveness in the global community, the extent of their national security and equitable integration into the world economy.

Globalization as Factor of Development of the National and State Economic’s Interest of Russia

Introduction. Consideration of a problem of globalization in Russia began with collapse of the USSR when at first national economy began to join in world economic economy. From this point all advantages and shortcomings of globalization are reflected, positively or negatively, on economic development of Russia. Theoretical analysis. In a broad sense, globalization is a process of association of the countries and the people in political, economic, cultural and other spheres in the uniform world community.

External Environment as a Source of Threat for Ecological and Economic Industrial Enterprises Safety

Introduction. The effective use of industrial capacity is the important condition for the national economy sustainable development. Manufacturing organizations can provide their own ecological and economic security only when they take into account the impact of environment objective factors on their activities.

Formation and Development of Innovative Systems of the EAEC Clustering Based Economy

Introduction. In modern conditions, determine the dynamics of innovation for economic growth and the place that occupied the country and the various unions in the global community.

Socio-economic Factors of Formation of National Identity in the Conditions of Globalization

Introduction. The urgency of the problems of international cooperation associated with the exacerbation of national consciousness, increased tolerance to violations of national equality and distorted media coverage of conflict on a national basis. Theoretical analysis. The purpose of the article – to identify systemically important factors of national identity. The formation of national identity is determined by the spatial characteristics – border areas. Another factor that is closely related to the previous one, is a land.

Institutional Innovation of Business Structure in Conditions of Information

Introduction. In terms of informatization, business structures are undergoing many changes, introduced many technological and institutional innovations. The introduction of new technologies in production, build new strategies for organization of business processes (e.g., in a virtual space), as well as changing the informal rules of the game, for example, for the operation of virtual organizations based on the trust of participants to each other, greatly increases the productivity and competitiveness of modern organizations. Theoretical analysis.

Global Informatization as the Content and Means of Realization of External Functions of the State

Introduction. A significant part of the research phenomena of social life, including the state-legal sphere, contains an appeal to the effects of globalization processes on the course of their development, determining positive effects, as well as the conditions and means of minimizing negative effects. Informatization, being global in nature condition for the functioning of modern society, has an impact on the scope of implementation of the external functions of the state both within the country and in the international arena.

The Importance of Human Rights in Islamic Law

Introduction. The democratization of the Arab East determined the need to consolidate human rights in the modern constitutions of many Islamic States. So only at the end of the twentieth century, the role of human rights in Islam and their impacts on the Islamic population, as well as the problem of the relation of human rights in Islamic law with universal human rights and freedoms became the object of scientific research. This is due to several reasons.

Development of Innovative Business and its Clustering in the Conditions of Globalization

Introduction. Modern economy in the context of growing globalization needs in forming effective innovative mechanisms and functional models of innovation development. Theoretical analysis. Globalization as a process covering all areas of social development has a strong influence on innovation policy, until its strategic aims, directions and mechanisms of implementation. One of the challenges of globalization becomes an innovative development of States.