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Key Strategies for Retail Chains Today

Introduction. At present, the functioning of the Russian trade networks that implement food products, significantly complicated by the negative impact of the food embargo, inflation and the weakening of the ruble. Changing environmental factors and increased competition in the food market have a significant impact on the previously established logistics system of goods retail chains, which will require substantial transformation. Empirical analysis.

Formation and Development of Innovative Systems of the EAEC Clustering Based Economy

Introduction. In modern conditions, determine the dynamics of innovation for economic growth and the place that occupied the country and the various unions in the global community.

The Relationship and Interdependence of Convergence and Integration in the Economy

Introduction. The trend of globalization of the modern economy leads to the increasing relevance of convergence and integration, the relationship and interaction which do not cause doubts. Theoretical analysis. The article discusses the integration and convergence as processes of interaction between homogeneous or heterogeneous elements of different economic systems, which are closely interwoven with each other. Discusses the question of the primacy of processes of integration and convergence.

Dynamics of Expenditure for Education in Member States of the EAEU

Introduction. Socio-economic development of the society due to the relationship between economic and educational components of national systems that define the conditions for the accumulation of intellectual potential of the country. The stable and progressive development of countries is largely determined by the state education system. Theoretical analysis. Public expenditure for education contribute to the economic growth of the country through the development of human capital.

Cluster Development Coordination Center as the Basis for the Operation of the Innovation System in the Integration

Introduction. The scale and complexity of the management of national innovation systems displace the interest in regional systems, and the integration process of withdrawal of the economy of the regions of the state border on the international level, in connection with the actual study of the development processes of the innovation system in terms of integration on the basis of cluster approach. Theoretical analysis.

Development of Innovative Business and its Clustering in the Conditions of Globalization

Introduction. Modern economy in the context of growing globalization needs in forming effective innovative mechanisms and functional models of innovation development. Theoretical analysis. Globalization as a process covering all areas of social development has a strong influence on innovation policy, until its strategic aims, directions and mechanisms of implementation. One of the challenges of globalization becomes an innovative development of States.

The Development of the Integration of Education, Science and Industry in the Form of Technology Transfer on Modern Phase of the Innovation Cycle of the Russian Economy

The article considers the development of the integration of education, science and industry in the form of direct and indirect mechanisms of technology transfer. The comparative analysis of such terms as «technology transfer», «technology commercialization», «innovation diffusion», «spillover of innovation». The article gives accent to the aspects and problems of technology transfer in the Russian economy.

The Directions of Market Power Expansion in Modern Economy

This article is devoted to the analysis of market authority expansion in modern economy. The article examines the processes of innovative diversification, reasons, forms, the special features of their demonstration on the modern stage of economic development, analyzing the integrative business relations in modern economy