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Food Security in the New Risks: Development of Methods of Strategic Planning

Introduction. In modern conditions the functioning of the national food market especially important to improve methods of strategic planning aimed at sustainable development of agri-food complex. Methods. Among the economic methods of strategic planning the most in demand balance, regulatory and program-target method. The article suggests the direction of development of each of these methods.

Trends and Limitations of the Russian Food Industry

The present article deals with the comprehensive analysis of the food industry nowadays. Some problems of the food industry as a whole and its individual sub-sectors have been under consideration: dairy, meat, bakery, confectionery and others. This research has been done covering both industry and large / medium-sized organizations.

Preconditions of Activization of Innovative Activity in the Food-Processing Industry of the Volgograd Region

In article necessity of activization of innovative activity for the foodprocessing industry of the Volgograd region is discussed. According to authors of article, food-processing industry development as the branch providing the population by foodstuff, and also pursuing purpose maintenance of food safety of the country, in modern conditions is impossible without development of conceptual decisions, the ideas, called to raise level of its competitiveness.