Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)


Political-Legal Representations about the Lawful State During the Soviet Period

In work are stated political-legal representations about a lawful state from the moment of an establishment of the Soviet power in Russia till 70 th years ХХ centuries.

The Legislation on Public Associations: a Current Condition and Problems

In the scientific article attempt of the analysis of acts for public associations for the purpose of revealing of lacks and blanks in legal regulation of the given institute is undertaken. The author supports modification of the current legislation.

Some Aspects of Political and Legal Representations about Power in XVIII–XX Сenturies

The paper deals with questions of the formation of political and legal representations about power, depending on what politico-legal school the representative of a considered doctrine belongs to. The work tries to estimate the degree of development of the politico-legal representations about power in the XVIII–XX centuries.

The Property Relations in the Course of the New Industrialization of the Russian Economy

Introduction. The question about property is the main question of the economic theory. The relations of property characterize a social and economic system of the country. The change of these relations demonstrates the changes in the way of production, in the essence of the new industrialization of the Russian economy. Theoretical analysis.

On Models the Relationships Authorities and Business Structures

Introduction. Currently, the Russian business is faced with a choice between economic transformation and adaptation to political realities. So now updated the task of studying the relationship of business and government as a process, which plays a role in political relations in modern Russia.

Legal State and State Compulsion

The article analyzes the problems of state compulsion in a legal state as the primary method of control. The author, using the historical method, demonstrates the practical application of compulsion in the Russian state. Indicated that, in the modern state compulsory measures can be used in several guises. In particular, as a means of overcoming social conflict and the fight against terrorism. There are several arguments justifying the need for compulsion in the modern legal state.