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The state role in the investments development in Russia’s digital economy

Popov Savva O., Saratov State University

Introduction. The current stage of development is characterized by widespread digitalization of almost all economy spheres. One of the key areas for the developing digital economy in the Russian Federation is investments and investment relations. The state supports and develops the investments in data-driven formation of the digital economy. The article examines some of the subjects of the country’s influence on the mechanisms for expanding the innovation investment sphere, regarding local development specifics. Theoretical analysis. There are two categories for considering government influence on investments in the digital economy – the investment climate and the country’s investment policy. The key part of the research process is a set of economic, sociological and statistical methods, as well as applied scientific analysis in digitalization field of public institutions, institutional investment and investment relations as part of the economic system. Empirical analysis. Analyzed topical aspects of state role on the investments development in a rapidly changing environment, divided them into six fundamental categories. The process is presented in the forms of activating the legislative process and the testing of regulatory “sandboxes”. The article describes the caution of the Russian Federation in choosing a supported investment industry, its type and accompanying regulatory legal acts. Results. The research shows the development aspects description chosen by the state to support investment in digital economy conditions and a fact analysis of the state methods of influence on investment relations in the context of global and country economy digitalization.

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