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Investment Activity of the Economic Agents as Economic Definition

The article considered different aspects, ideas, investment activities and brought out general definition of that idea. In terms of statistical evidence analyses investment activity and its association with investments in fixed assets.

Crowdlending platforms development prospects in modern Russian economy

Introduction. The changes in the economic situation, which happened after certain events of February 2022, required signifi cant investment in the development of small and medium-sized businesses. Parallel imports, new market niches to be fulfi lled after foreign producers had left, the desire to preserve and increase capital while experiencing ruble devaluation– these and other reasons formed the basis of crowdlending studying in this paper. Theoretical analysis.

Century of Mobilization Development of the Russian Economy

Introduction. Researched sustainable secular trend of mobilization development of the Russian economy since the beginning of the First World War in 1914. Theoretical analysis. Outlines the main theoretical and methodological assumptions put forward scientific hypotheses: the mobilization of the economy as a result of government entrepreneurship, limiting the share of consumption and increase the share of savings in the structure of gross product of the country.

Interaction Mechanism of Property and Investments in Current Russia Economy

Introduction. It is theoretically and practically important to study the interaction of property and investment, since the real efficiency of the development of the Russian economy depends on this process. The article considers several types interaction mechanisms between property and investments. Theoretical analysis. The mechanisms of interaction between property and investment exist in various forms and forms, which necessitates their study within the framework of economic theory.

The state role in the investments development in Russia’s digital economy

Introduction. The current stage of development is characterized by widespread digitalization of almost all economy spheres. One of the key areas for the developing digital economy in the Russian Federation is investments and investment relations. The state supports and develops the investments in data-driven formation of the digital economy. The article examines some of the subjects of the country’s influence on the mechanisms for expanding the innovation investment sphere, regarding local development specifics.

Finance for the Social State

The article presents the research results of the roundtable participants of the Moscow international economic forum, held on 20-21 March in Moscow state University. Theoretical analysis. On the basis of empirical data are investigated sources of financing of the social sphere from the three major macroeconomic actors: States, firms, households have Shown the possibilities and restrictions of financing of the welfare state in the Russian economy.

Problems and Perspectives of Innovative-technological Development of the Food Industry of Ukraine

The economical growth of any country is directly related to innovation and technological development of those of its branches which have significant potential for improving the competitiveness of the national economy. In conditions of growing food crisis in many countries around the world, the importance of consideration of the possibilities for the production of high-quality food to those countries which possess the necessary capacity for this. Theoretical analysis.

Statistical Research of Bank Crediting as Source of Investment of Rural Producers

Introduction. The relevance of this research is caused by: i) the need to increase the role of bank crediting in the development of investment processes in the agro-industrial complex, ii) the necessity to build a system of crediting of agricultural producers on the basis of analysis of the differentiation of territorial-administrative formations in the region by agricultural production efficiency; iii) the lack of any comprehensive statistical research of the problems of bank crediting of agricultural producers.