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investment climate

Investment Appeal of the Saratov Area Among Regions the Russian and Privolzshkii Federal District

Investment appeal of the Russian regions in this article is considered as the economic category consisting of rather independed characteristics: the investment potential, the investment risk and the number of the regions described in the high investment and low investment risk.

Improvement of the Investment Climate in the State as the Basis of Investment Activity of the Russian Economy Subjects

This article is about the contemporary situation in the sphere of investment attractiveness in the regions of Russia; it reveals basic risks and problems, undermining investment attractiveness and, hence, investing activity of regions. The author gives the reasons of investment activity of the economy subjects without any connection with the attraction degree of the investment climate. The comparison of the investment climate and some indicators of investment activity in Russian regions is made in the article.

The «Triple Helix» in the Innovation System Saratov Region – Interaction and Disadvantages of Functioning

Introduction. The article deals with the content of theories of «Triple Helix», developed by Western scholars at the beginning of the XXI century, the essence of which is the need for innovative interaction of three driving forces of the modern economy – the university community, industry and the public authorities, and analyzes the practical aspects of this interaction in the Saratov region, shows the advantages and disadvantages of the relationship between data elements. Theoretical analysis.

The Role of Public Authorities in the Organization of Innovative Activity in the Saratov Region

Introduction. The tactical objective of the authorities in the field of innovation is the formation of a favorable environment, as «umbrella» over innovation. Theoretical analysis. The article analyzes the activities of executive authorities in the Saratov region, responsible for taking initiatives in innovation, and algorithmic activities of the government of the Saratov region on the creation of favourable innovation climate and innovation infrastructure. Empirical analysis.

The state role in the investments development in Russia’s digital economy

Introduction. The current stage of development is characterized by widespread digitalization of almost all economy spheres. One of the key areas for the developing digital economy in the Russian Federation is investments and investment relations. The state supports and develops the investments in data-driven formation of the digital economy. The article examines some of the subjects of the country’s influence on the mechanisms for expanding the innovation investment sphere, regarding local development specifics.

The Investment Climate in Russia and Its Impact on the Investment Activities of Companies of the Fuel and Energy Industry

 More than 10 years the Government of the Russian Federation has addressed the issue of improving the investment climate. Inspite of it, the investment climate in the country remains poor, and the rating of investment attractiveness of the Russian Federation has a negative trend. Theoretical analysis.

Rating Appraisal of Investment Attractiveness of the Region (on the Materials of the Ulyanovsk Region)

Investment attractiveness is a system or a combination of various objective features, facilities, causing the potential payments in the aggregate demand for investment in the region forms of two components: investment potential and investment risk. The article is devoted to the evaluation of the investment attractiveness of region (for example Ulyanovsk area). The main vector of this evaluation was the analysis of region’s position in the rating of investment attractiveness. Analysis.