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Integrated study of gunshot traces and circumstances

Yumatov Vasily Alekseevich, Lobachevsky State University of Nizhny Novgorod

Introduction. The significant complication of science and practice in human activity have generated the need to develop more complex methods of examination of physical evidence, where complex forensic expertise is one of these methods. Theoretical analysis. The methods of interaction of forensic experts (methodological, procedural and psychological), as important aspects of the analysis of complex examinations, have been considered quite extensively and described in many literature sources. The aspect of the logic of the integrated approach and the logical links between the decisions of the members of the expert team requires a formal logical analysis of all components of the integrated study, including the forensic ballistic examination of the traces and circumstances of the shot. Еmpirical analysis. It has been revealed that we deliberately defi ne complex expertise not through diff erent fi elds of knowledge or specialties of experts, but through types, kinds and subtypes of forensic examinations. Results. The combination of expertise in solving an expert problem, applying all the knowledge from diff erent fi elds of science (whereby the synthesis of results and their evaluation lies outside the methodology of the combined expert specialisations) logically allows for giving a joint conclusion, which reflects the generalised results of the study.

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