Izvestiya of Saratov University.
ISSN 1994-2540 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1956 (Online)


Theory and Practice of Development of Internet Insurance

Introduction. Preservation of stability of the insurance companies, especially in times of crisis and economic instability, requires the development of new sales channels of insurance products. The article examines the issues of formation and development of this relatively new type of insurance for Russia as Internet insurance. Theoretical analysis. Analyzed its advantages, challenges, market mechanism. Discussed the organization of Internet representation of the insurance company, the stages of Internet security, introduction of CRM. Results.

Reproductive Dynamics of the Information Sector of the Economy

Introduction. In the beginning of XXI century national economies of some countries were transformed through structural changes associated with the formation of the new postindustrial order. These changes require adequate theoretical understanding. The article discusses the structure of the total social product reproduction process with the participation of two entities: material and information sectors of the economy. Theoretical analysis.

Mathematical Modeling of the Russian e-Commerce Market Economic Conditions

Introduction. Since the end of the XX century, the concept of digital economy comprises the wide application of digital technology in different spheres of economy. Separate enterprises and whole economic branches transform the existing models of business processes, being oriented on modern means of communication. One of the most important factors influencing this process is the development of Internet technology. Theoretical analysis.

Features of Legal Regulation of the Constitutional Right of Everyone to Produce Information on the Internet

Introduction. Modern society is undergoing yet another information revolution related to the formation and development of the global information and telecommunication network – “Internet”. In this connection, there is the question of understanding the features of the right to produce information in the Internet space. Theoretical analysis. The author considers the production of information in the 19th century, in the Soviet period and the present.

Internet in the Objective Field of Legal Science: Problems of Theory

The article deals with the formation of the theoretical Internet model in Russian legal science, it also discusses the implementation of communicative approach to the Internet law methodology. Results. In our opinion, the operationalization of the idealized object of the Internet is formed on the basis of its technical artifact properties.