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Fedorenko V. A.

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Fedorenko V. A., Tsarev O. A., Nikitin V. V. Definition of Position of the Victim at the Moment of a Shot on Stains of Splashes of the Blood Which Have Been Beaten Out by a Bullet
Fedorenko V. A., Zaharevich A. M., Bilenko D. I., Venig S. B., Gvozdkova L. S. Research of Products of a Distant Shot by Means of a Scanning Electronic Microscope
Fedin A. V., Chashin E. A., Fedorenko V. A. Identification of Firearms Laser Marks of the Barrel Bore
Fedorenko V. A. Weapon Identification on Traces on the Deformed Bullets
Fedorenko V. A., Sidak E. V. Method of the Binarization of Images of Traces on the Shot Bullets for the Automatic Assessment of Their Suitability to Identification of the Fierarms
Fedorenko V. A., Myltsyna О. А. The Concept of Mathematical Model of the Assessment of Uniqueness of Sets of Coinciding Routes in Secondary Traces on the Shot Bullets
Fedorenko V. A., Kornilov M. V. The Comparison of Digital Images of Firing Pin with a Dominant Features in the Form of Circles and Arcs
Stalmakhov А. V., Fedorenko V. A. Problems of Ensuring Compliance of Technical Characteristics of Civil and Office Firearms to Criminalistic Requirements of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Fedorenko V. A., Sidak E. V. Processing of Digital Images of Traces on Bullets for Automatic Identification of Firearms
Kornilov M. V., Fedorenko V. A. Use of the Cluster Analysis to Compare the Digital Images Traces of the Firing Pin
Fedorenko V. A., Kornilov M. V. Allocation of Individual Attributes on Digital Images of the Firing Pin Traces