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устойчивое развитие

Место глобального изменения климата в системе внешних вызовов и угроз

Введение. Актуальность настоящего исследования обусловлена нарастающим влиянием последствий глобального изменения климата на развитие экономик стран и качество жизни населения. Поиск эффективного ответа на климатический вызов требует определения места проблемы климатических изменений и их последствий в ряду других глобальных вызовов и выяснения значимости климатических изменений для устойчивого развития социально-экономических систем. Методология исследования.

The National Economy Spatial Development Indication in the Coordinates System of Competitiveness, Sustainability and Security

Theoretical and methodological questions of creating the system of monitoring and updating the spatial heterogeneity of the national economy development are discussed in this article. The competitiveness indicator, sustainability and economic safety system is suggested on the basis of a new coordinates system for the national economy development.

On the concept and legal means of ensuring sustainable urban development

Introduction. The concept of sustainable development continues to receive more and more support every year, both at the international and domestic levels. The main reason for its popularity is that this concept has become a qualitatively new strategy for social development, designed to balance the environmental, economic and social interests of a citizen, business, society and the state in the interests of both present and future generations. Theoretical analysis.

Sustainable Development Modeling of Southern Federal District

The article considers the cognitive modeling of sustainable development for the Southern Federal District, which includes the interrelated factors identification of sustainable development for the Southern Federal District to construct a cognitive map and the subsequent simulation scenarios for the region. Theoretical analysis.

Conceptual aspects of sustainable development of economic systems: Evolution of approaches and modern paradigm

Introduction. The relevance of scientific substantiation of approaches to sustainable development management is due to the need to take into account external changes and the development of conceptual provisions for the adaptation of economic systems. Theoretical analysis. The article summarizes the main approaches to the interpretation of the “sustainable development” concept.

Theoretical and methodological aspects of ensuring the sustainable development of agro-food systems

Introduction. The relevance of the scientifi c substantiation of approaches to ensuring the sustainable development of the agro-food system is due to the growing impact of environmental factors on the internal structural balance and the target setting of the agro-food system. The sustainable development of the national agro-food system has begun to imply economic growth in order to achieve indicators of the physical and economic accessibility of quality food for the Russian population.

Development of renewable energy sources and their importance for Russia’s transition to the standards of a “green” economy

Introduction. The article examines the problems of developing renewable energy sources in the context of Russia’s transition to a “green” economy. Theoretical analysis. The authors consider the terminological and logical issues of the correlation of the term of “renewable energy sources” with other categories (clean energy, “green” energy), the place of this category in the system of world environmental concepts (sustainable development).

The theory of economic development: Evolution of approaches and modern paradigm

Введение. Актуальность научного обоснования подходов к экономическому развитию обусловлена ​​недостаточной изученностью феномена экономического развития, его природы и качественных характеристик факторов, влияющих на реализацию качественных структурных изменений в экономике страны. Теоретический анализ. В статье обобщена эволюция экономической мысли и историческая трансформация взглядов на изучение экономического развития.