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Platinum group metals market factor analysis and modeling of its development directions

Introduction. The first part of the paper reveals the concept and features of platinum group metals. According to the complex of considered parameters of each platinum group metals, including the market volume in physical and value terms, we distinguish three major (palladium, platinum, rhodium) and two minor (iridium, ruthenium) metals. For this research, the markets of five platinum group metals are identified as the object for factor analysis. Theoretical analysis.

Model Management System Forming Innovation and Investment Projects on the Basis of Axioms and Standards

Introduction. The process of formation of the system of innovation and investment projects on the basis of a set of axioms and standards. Theoretical analysis. Formation of the system of innovation and investment projects in the process of design and operation, in our opinion, should be carried out on the basis of a set of axioms and standards. Axioms are outgoing provisions necessary for the development of the project management system.

Planning of Regional Economic Systems on the Basis of Adaptation and Spatial Modelling

Introduction. Recognition not efficiency of regional plans and need of their continuous completion in real time becomes a consequence of tendencies of modern practice of regional government in aspect of justification, development and adoption of planned decisions on development of regional economic systems. Theoretical analysis.

Development of Models of Supply Chain Management in Retailing

Introduction. The situation in the retail trade of the Russian Federation is characterized by a number of negative trends: the lack of logistics infrastructure, reduced population activity of the population, active development of multi-format trade. Theoretical analysis. Supply chain of retail trade represent the complex network structure distributed in a large area production, storage and transportation facilities, including a large number of suppliers and retail outlets.

The Modelling of the Economic Mechanism Development of Modern Russian Economy Innovation Sphere

Introduction. The development of the economic mechanism of modern Russian economy innovation sphere directly affects the development of state economy as a whole. The economic tool «modelling » in the economic mechanism development of the economy innovation sphere can have a positive impact on state economy development.

Using Multi-state Markov models to predict the probability of borrowers’ default

Introduction. After the crises, lenders realized the importance of assessing the risk of default on loan portfolios in various economic conditions. Modeling of credit risk assessment occurs mainly using internal ratings of banks based on probabilistic models of defaults of borrowers over a certain period of time. Theoretical models. Three models are considered. The fi rst is a naive Markov model with R states. The transition matrix is given. The second is a Markov model with multiple states with covariates.