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Transformation of the Institutional Matrix of the Labor Market of Russia

Senokosovа Olga V., Saratov State University

Introduction. In modern conditions, the development of the labor market is closely related to the functioning of the institutional environment, which is the structure that determines the links between the elements. The influence of the institutional matrix on the labor market is great, the specifics of the development of the Russian labor market transforms the institutional matrix. Theoretical analysis. Historically, the developing stable ways of interaction of people among themselves in societies, including the labor market, ensuring the survival of societies, their integrity, as well as the continuity of economic and political activities of social actors. The transformation of the institutional matrix has its own specifics in Russia in connection with the transformation of the labor market itself. Еmpirical analysis. It was revealed that the transformation of the institutional matrix in Russia is connected with globalization, informatization of social and labor relations and the labor market itself. Results. The institutional matrix of the labor market is not structured taking into account the hierarchy, links and forms of the labor market. The impact of informatization and the globalization of the economy allows the labor market institutions to evolve at different levels, in different spatial forms, and this also affects the structure of the institutional matrix.

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