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Interaction Mechanism of Property and Investments in Current Russia Economy

Trubitsin Alexander Romanovich, Saratov State University
Trubitsina Tamara Ivanovna, Saratov State University

Introduction. It is theoretically and practically important to study the interaction of property and investment, since the real efficiency of the development of the Russian economy depends on this process. The article considers several types interaction mechanisms between property and investments. Theoretical analysis. The mechanisms of interaction between property and investment exist in various forms and forms, which necessitates their study within the framework of economic theory. It is also important in the study of mechanisms of cooperation and investment property used in the theory of innovative problem of time. An innovative mechanism for the interaction of property and investment can be formed only when the innovation time becomes the measure of the country’s success as a whole. There are multiple of mechanisms for the interaction between property and investment, which allows to apply to be selective in applying such mechanisms, to find criteria for the effectiveness of this mechanisms taking into account the real period of economic activity taking into account the real economic activity in the different regions. Discussion of results. In modern Russia, the innovative mechanism of interaction between property and investment has particular importance. At the same time, this mechanism has serious obstacles in implementing both administrative barriers (in the form of corruption) and uneven investment attractiveness in the regions. The practical management of the region is almost essential for the implementation of this mechanism. Conclusions. Combination of interaction mechanisms between property and investment in current Russia economy becomes a reality when social mechanism of this interaction are properly implemented. For positive interaction of property and investment socio-economic integrators, which allow them to be integrated into one single whole are extremely important.

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