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Innovations of the Russian financial sector of the economy

Tsypin Alexander Pavlovich, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation
Kapitonova Yuliya Sergeevna, Moscow State University of Food Production
Kuzin Maksim Alekseevich, Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation

Introduction. The digital changes taking place in all spheres of society are most evident in certain sectors, especially in the fi nancial sector. One of the factors of the modern development of a sustainable economy is the digitalization of society associated with the rapid development of information technologies. Informatization of this sector in Russia is associated with the synthesis of legal, economic, social, political changes. Theoretical analysis.The article is devoted to the key trends of informatization of the fi nancial sector of Russia. Consideration of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of the penetration of digital technologies into the fi nancial sector shows the lag of the Russian practice of deploying digital technologies from Western practices, and rapid growth in 2020 under the infl uence of the covid crisis. Empirical analysis. Analysis of the main suppliers of information technologies in the fi nancial sphere and their products has been carried out. Priority directions of development of information technologies in the fi nancial sector and ways of their implementation are identifi ed. The main approaches to strengthening information security and reliability of fi nancial technologies in Russia have been studied. Synthesis of materials on research of information technologies in the fi nancial sector of Russia has been carried out. Results. Modern realities are such that new technologies based on digital services are actively being introduced into Russian practice, which changes the structure of fi nancial market entities, makes fi nancial products more accessible to citizens and businesses. The penetration of IT companies into the fi nancial services market starts the process of transforming the delivery of fi nancial products and services fi ntech becomes an independent sector of the economy. The format of the fi nancial sector, 24/7, gives users round-the-clock access to services and products, but at the same time forms a range of risks that need to be taken into account and addressed. Digitalization of the fi nancial sector, based on a global rethinking of information solutions, is the key to the transition to sustainable development.

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