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Henry R. Luce’s Political and Law Views

In the present paper the author explores Henry Robinson Luce’s views on law and politics. Henry Robinson Luce is the prominent figure in the middle century American media industry, whose influence on the process of public opinion making was great. As the basic source for the paper writing were used H.R.Luce’s public speeches and publicist papers.

The influence of urbanization on the development of modern state and law

Introduction. Currently, most of the world’s population lives in cities, megacities, and urban agglomerations, since they are the core of progress and create the conditions for comprehensive human development. Theoretical analysis. A study of the history of the development of cities, urbanized and suburbanized structures shows that this particular form of human settlement is the most attractive in modern developed countries.

The State Support of Small Business: Myth or Reality?

Introduction. Small business development has become one of the priorities of the economic policy of the country. This article led to the location and role of small business in today’s economy. Theoretical analysis. Small business is the locomotive of the economy of the country, it is a great force. Periodically creates favorable conditions for the prosperity of small businesses.

Global Informatization as the Content and Means of Realization of External Functions of the State

Introduction. A significant part of the research phenomena of social life, including the state-legal sphere, contains an appeal to the effects of globalization processes on the course of their development, determining positive effects, as well as the conditions and means of minimizing negative effects. Informatization, being global in nature condition for the functioning of modern society, has an impact on the scope of implementation of the external functions of the state both within the country and in the international arena.

Tо the Question about the Purpose of Law According to the Views of R. Ihering

Introduction. A German lawyer Rudolf von Ihering (it. Rudolf von Jhering, August 22, 1818, Aurich – September 17, 1892, Göttingen) is the founder of the realist theory of law and state, the essence of which involves the direct implementation of scientific postulates to the realities of life, and thus to strive to combine theory and practice.

Legal Problems of Interaction between the State and Political Parties in Modern Russia

Introduction. The article substantiates the judgment about the lack of regulation of the issue of interaction between the state and political parties: the law stipulates neither the principles nor the form, nor the order, nor the sphere of interaction of political parties with the state. There is no mechanism for taking into account and implementing the recommendations and proposals of political parties in the state management sphere, which makes it impossible for political parties to have a real impact on state policy.

The Foundation of the Agricultural Development State Regulation

Introduction. In addressing the issue of ensuring dynamic and sustainable socio-economic growth of the agricultural economy based on internal factors of competitiveness, the distribution of state support among agricultural producers is of particular relevance. Theoretical analysis. The article discusses the theoretical and methodological aspects of agricultural state regulation.

The Russian Business Ombudsman Institution

Introduction. The article considers the status of Business Ombudsman in Russia. This topic is relevant because it is important for Russia today: higher rates of the private sector, especially, of the small and medium businesses. In this regard, the hot topic for our country is protecting of businesses, in particular, their economic rights in their relations with the state. Results.

Ideological neutrality and the principle of a secular state in the light of the amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 2020

Introduction. The existence and development of any society is impossible without its spiritual component, which is closely connected with religion, religious values and ideals in Russia. Despite the fact that in the secular Russian state, the official government remains ideologically neutral to all religions, religious denominations and religious organizations, the state and the Church are converging in the socio-cultural space. Theoretical analysis.

Finance for the Social State

The article presents the research results of the roundtable participants of the Moscow international economic forum, held on 20-21 March in Moscow state University. Theoretical analysis. On the basis of empirical data are investigated sources of financing of the social sphere from the three major macroeconomic actors: States, firms, households have Shown the possibilities and restrictions of financing of the welfare state in the Russian economy.