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international trade

Identification of Actual Threats for Export Control System: International and Russian Experience

Introduction. The article focuses on the reasons of the emergence of new threats and «break points» in the export control system both at regional and global levels. There is the characteristic of the given system in Russia, including the activities of the special authorities, as well as the summary description of the activities of the international export control regimes. Theoretical analysis.

New Interpretation of the Classical Interregional and International Trade Theories: Economic Logic vs the Economy

Introduction. This paper offers a new interpretation of the principles of absolute and comparative advantage. Theoretical analysis. The innovation of this study is its attempt to consider the old theories of international trade as the first models of the spatial economy.

The Evolution of Classical and Neoclassical Theories of Territorial Labor Division and International Trade

Introduction. This article investigates stages of development of classical and neoclassical concepts of spatial economics. Theoretical analysis. The evolution of classical and neoclassical theories of the international division of labor and world trade reflected the objective historical conditions and tendencies: the global hegemony of Great Britain in the 19th century, the consequences of the Great Depression of 1929–1933, the global hegemony of the United States after World War II.

Modern Trends of Protectionism in Regulation of International Trade

The use of protective tools is one of the most important and controversial trends in foreign policy, especially in the formulation of economic policies in developing countries and countries with economies in transition in contemporary geo-economic transformations. Theoretical analysis.