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Theoretical Basis of Competitiveness at the Present Stage

Introduction. In modern economy is more urgent issues affecting the problem of raising the level of competitiveness of a modern enterprise. Cardinal increase of overall performance of the industrial enterprise and its effectiveness due to the detailed consideration of certain factors exerting influence on the process of formation of competitive advantages. This process management involves the accounting and business impact of all stakeholders. The subject of research is the concept of «competitiveness». Methods.

The System of Strategic Management of Innovation Development of the Furniture Enterprises

Introduction. Some theoretical studies and best practices proven that the effectiveness of innovative development of industrial enterprises (including furniture) largely depends on how the management of such development is synthesized with the strategic management, it inter- acts with the system. This is due to the fact that in modern conditions first of all innovations must determine the strategic direction of the company. Theoretical analysis.

About the Use of Performance Indicators Efficiency of Activity of the Enteprise of Service Industries: Logistics Aspect

Introduction. The urgency of evaluation of efficiency of logistical activity at the present stage of economic development, concerning both traditional and service logistics. It is shown that the development of service logistics, determining the production activity of the enterprises of sphere of services on the logistics platform makes even more meaningful the issues of systematization of indicators that measure the strength of. Theoretical analysis.

The System of Automatic Control of Production Based on the Principles of Automatic Control Theory

Introduction. Computer aided production management, allowing monitoring of the current state of the production process, make the necessary adjustments, and to predict the volume of output in natural and cost expression are necessary management tool to ensure sufficient competitiveness. Therefore, the issue of development of such systems is scientifically and practically meaningful. Theoretical analysis.

Increasing Enterprise Efficiency Through Outsourcing

Introduction. Crisis events in the economy, high competition in the market, annual increase in prices of material resources lead enterprises to seek ways to reduce the cost of products/services in order to increase efficiency. In most cases, when solving the MOB task (“make or buy”), the enterprise gets significant savings and competitive advantages in transferring, mainly non-core functions, to a third-party organization.

Indicator Method as an Instrument to Ensure Financial Security of an Economic Entity

Introduction. Any enterprise’s functioning in a market economy entails internal and external risks. Reducing their impact or leveling ensures a long-term existence of the business. In this view, the subject of the study is relevant. Theoretical analysis. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was the works of Russian and foreign researchers in the field of economic and financial security.