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Artificial intelligence technologies: Classification, limitations, prospects and threats

Introduction. Solving the problems of increasing labor productivity, creating transparency of key business processes, and creating new production facilities require not only new production technologies, but the organization of information processes, such as collection, storage, processing, analysis, and issuing responses to requests for information accompanying production processes. One of the most promising tools for solving these problems is AI technologies. Theoretical analysis.

Constitutional Legal Analysis of the Correlation and Interaction between the Terms and Concepts of «Sovereignty», «Independence» and «State Integrity»

Introduction. Sovereignty, independence and state integrity are crucial to the functioning of any state because they are directly linked to the maintenance of state security. However, it can be acknowledged that at the present time, despite the heightened interest in the abovementioned categories, the science of law and the Russian legal system lack a uniform and consistent approach to the interpretation of the terms «sovereignty», «independence» and «state integrity».