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Voronkov L. Y. Marks on Spent Cartridges Cartridge 18х45Т when Shooting from a Firearm Limited Destruction. Izv. Saratov Univ. (N. S.), Ser. Economics. Management. Law, 2018, vol. 18, iss. 2, pp. 208-?. DOI:


Marks on Spent Cartridges Cartridge 18х45Т when Shooting from a Firearm Limited Destruction

Introduction. The urgency of the problem of the use of weapons of self-defense lies in its wide distribution, frequent cases of its application, the consequences of which are serious injuries (in some cases fatal), as well as the lack of complete data on the characteristics of various types of weapons of self-defense, necessary forensic experts, in the special scientific literature. Firearm self-defense, namely, long allowed to keep at home for security of their property and their homes. Other weapons of self-defense to the rightful owner is allowed to carry and use. When you use self-defense weapons for protection against attack, does not give the possibility of causing a serious or especially serious harm to health. Practice has shown that a self-defense weapon is used not only as a means of protection, but also as a means of attack. Experimental part. The article presents data of experimental research on the production of a trace pattern on the sleeve Chuck 18х45Т when shooting a firearm limited destruction. For experimental shooting, we used two models of this weapon, namely: «OSA PB-4-1» and « Strazhnik MP-461». The traces are studied visually and using a comparative microscope «LEICA». Discussion of results. As a result of experiments on the sleeve Chuck 18х45Т were found traces of firearms limited destruction «OSA PB 4-1» and «Strazhnik MP-461». This trail can be carried out to determine the model of the weapon and specific instances of weapons. On the body shells of many of the patrons were quite rude traces of the production mechanisms that hindered the identification process. The presence of a larger number of marks on cartridge cases fired in the gun «Strazhnik MP-461», unlike a pistol «OSA PB 4-1», apparently due to the fact that it was developed after the approval of the forensic requirements forensic science center of the MIA of Russia for service and civilian weapons and trace the picture of the gun on the shell casings more consistent with them. Conclusions. In accordance with criminalistic requirements on spent cartridges from the cartridges to the civil weapon has to be a trail suitable to identify weapons. Design and materials the cartridge cases of ammunition for firearms limited destruction provide when shooting the formation and preservation of a trace suitable for weapons identification. Traces of weapons of limited destruction in spent cartridges easily allow you to set group ownership of weapons. The main problems in the identification of weapons of limited destruction at the marks on spent cartridges, associated with rough handling of ammo in the factory, leaving traces of the production mechanisms that block the display of individual signs of weapons. Control shooting weapons of limited destruction, similar to shooting rifled guns, will improve control over the circulation and use of these weapons.


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