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история экономической мысли

The dialogue about the new economic policy: J. M. Keynes and V. I. Ulyanov-Lenin

Introduction. It is particularly interesting to study the achievements of outstanding personalities on the world scale, those who made a signifi cant contribution to economic science, played a crucial role in the international history of politics and economic activity, laid the prerequisites for the formation of original schools of economic thought, which were named after their founders. Such personalities were John Maynard Keynes and Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov-Lenin. Methods and concepts.

On the infl uence of “tales” on the economics methodology formation and their use in the teaching process (Part I)

Introduction. This article is a justification of the possibility of using tales to popularize economics, economic history and the history of economic thought. Theoretical analysis. The historiographic review showed that many prominent English-speaking and Russian-speaking economists in their scientific articles and monographs textually or allegorically use the terms “parables”, “fables”, “stories”, “stories”, “myths”, “saga”, and the like. Therefore, the term “tales” will organically complement this semantic range.