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The National Economy Spatial Development Indication in the Coordinates System of Competitiveness, Sustainability and Security

Theoretical and methodological questions of creating the system of monitoring and updating the spatial heterogeneity of the national economy development are discussed in this article. The competitiveness indicator, sustainability and economic safety system is suggested on the basis of a new coordinates system for the national economy development.

Cash Economy and Its Influence on the Economical Safety of the Country

The article analyses cash economy and its influence on the economi‑ cal safety of the country. There are the characteristics of the notion «cash economy» in Russian and foreign literature. Special attention is given to the criminalization of economy and to the safety of Russia.

Food policy and economic security of the Russian agricultural sector: Institutional analysis experience

Introduction. The need to adapt agriculture to the conditions of a turbulent external environment requires an increase in the efficiency of state regulation. Solving this problem should be based on rethinking the theoretical and methodological base of the modern food policy effectiveness study from the point of view of institutional analysis. Theoretical analysis. An ordered set of formal and informal institutions constitutes the institutional structure of the agro-food complex.

Assessment of Food Security Level of Territories on the Basis of the Analysis of Self-reliance of the Population the Main Products

The modern economy of import substitution caused need of an assessment of potential opportunities of certain territories for achievement of goals which is able to allow authorities of all levels to take measures of the stimulating character in time. Relevance gets strengthening of food security in respect of independence of the territory of import deliveries of food. Theoretical analysis.

Actuality of the Study of Economic Safety of the Enterprise in the Face of Global Economic Instability

Introduction. The theme of economic security is of increasing importance, the very dynamic, contradictory trends and developments in the modern world. Theoretical analysis. The problem of global economic security for our country. The global financial crisis raises the issue of the formation of a new concept of economic security that guarantees the independence of the country and its stability, improving the quality of life of the people, the development of science and technology.

Strategic Aspects of Economic Security in the New Wave of Crisis

Introduction. This article formed the methodological approaches and the basis of the definition of economic security strategy for socio-economic systems, enterprises and organizations. Theoretical analysis. The basic directions of formation of economic security of business entities and the conditions of its implementation strategy, the necessity of inclusion in the strategy of economic security such an important component, as the property safety of enterprises and organizations. Empirical analysis.

Indicator Method as an Instrument to Ensure Financial Security of an Economic Entity

Introduction. Any enterprise’s functioning in a market economy entails internal and external risks. Reducing their impact or leveling ensures a long-term existence of the business. In this view, the subject of the study is relevant. Theoretical analysis. The theoretical and methodological basis of the study was the works of Russian and foreign researchers in the field of economic and financial security.

Ensuring the Company’s Economic Security in the Conditions of Economy Digitalization

Introduction. Currently, the economy digitalization is accelerating and transforming the company’s management system. The article discusses the problems and prospects of ensuring economic security in the context of companies’ digitalization based on personnel risk management. Theoretical analysis is based on the identification of personnel safety risks based on the systematization of theoretical practical and applied research done by Russian and foreign authors on this issue.

Contemporary Problems of Economic Security of Russian Regions

 In the conditions of reforming of Russian economy when the change of governing system takes at times rather difficult forms, a special attention should be drawn to the problem of economic security of Russian regions. The article studies the interrelations of the notions «economic security», «economic security of the regions» and «regional crisis situation». Theoretical analysis. The article contains the comparative analysis of crisis situations valuation methods applied at the federal and regional levels.

Ensuring national economic security: Scenarios for the coronacrisis exit

Introduction. The COVID-19 pandemic has become a trigger mechanism for the deployment of a global economic crisis that has engulfed all countries of the world. The aim of the study is to analyze the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic as a global threat to the world’s largest economies. Theoretical analysis. Within the framework of the basic AD-AS model, variants L, V, N, W were modeled and possible scenarios for overcoming the crisis were considered. Empirical analysis.