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Development and Transformation in a Structure of National Economy Movement

In article theoretical and methodological questions of National Economy development and transformation are discussed. The matter of categories «change», «movement», «development», «the transformation» is specified. The matter of National Economy’s internal dynamic balance conditions is opened. Cyclic character of National Economy development is submitted as result of consecutive change of conditions external steady imbalance and internal unstable balance of system.

Theoretical Aspects of Quality Management of the Personnel of the Organization

Competitiveness of the organisation consists in quality of the personnel. The personnel becomes the main resource of the organisation. The organisation is obliged to provide conditions for realisation of the purposes in the field of quality of the personnel and due quality management of the personnel. There are theoretical aspects of quality management of the personnel considered In this article, methods and conditions necessary in a control system of quality of the personnel are allocated.

Human role in post-industrial economy

Introduction. Large-scale processes of informatization development in recent decades determine the need and opportunity to reconsider the role and importance of the human in modern society, determine his place in the modern economic system, and increase his role in the activities of the organization. Theoretical analysis.

Model Design Technology Solutions Management Function Tasks

Currently produced new approaches to management. One such approach is technologization management processes. At the present stage of the quickest and most effective is the use of social technologies, including and technology management, as management tools and techniques. Awareness of the need technologizing comes gradually, when the organization is faced with the need to streamline the administrative and operational processes of the organization. Theoretical analysis.

The Review of Existing Approaches to Monitoring of Investment Activity

The paper discusses the theoretical and methodological issues of monitoring. Approaches to monitoring the investment activities. Investments of a various kind, distinctive signs of projects, their stages are considered. Disclosure of know-how of design technology. Explored the use of design technologies for investment.

System Approach Towards Development of Rule-of-Law State

The given article is an attempt to view the policy of development of rule-of-law state in Russia from the point of view of functional system. The author achieves the goal through analysis of various concepts within system approach.