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внешнеэкономическая деятельность

Identification of Actual Threats for Export Control System: International and Russian Experience

Introduction. The article focuses on the reasons of the emergence of new threats and «break points» in the export control system both at regional and global levels. There is the characteristic of the given system in Russia, including the activities of the special authorities, as well as the summary description of the activities of the international export control regimes. Theoretical analysis.

Factors of the Russian-Chinese economic relations development in the Eurasian integration field

Introduction. We can confidently say already that in the current conditions of global economic development, China is the most important and priority partner in the development of our country’s foreign economic activity. Theoretical analysis. The development of a strategic approach to bilateral economic cooperation with China is the most relevant in the modern system of coordinates of Russia’s foreign economic activity.

Conceptual foundations of the international cooperation effectiveness in the context of the geoeconomic space digital transformations

Introduction. The work is devoted to the formation of new conceptual criteria for the effectiveness of international cooperation in the context of the geo-economic space digital transformations. The introduction spells out the general content of the modern geo-economic space and stipulates the need for a conceptually new approach to determining the effectiveness of interaction in this space. Theoretical analysis reveals the methodology for studying synergetic efficiency, substantiates the parameters of synergistic efficiency. Empirical analysis.

Problems and Prospects of Domestics Industrial Export Extension

The paper considers major problems of domestics industrial export development in contemporary conditions of evolution of international division of labors. The necessity of domestic exports by increasing the share of industrial output. The theoretical proposals backed by statistical data characterizing features of the development of domestic exports. The main directions of domestic industrial export stimulation are offered. 

The Role of Accounting in Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Foreign Trade of the Industrial Enterprise

This article discusses the theoretical aspects of management accounting in organizational and economic mechanism of foreign trade activities. Increased international competition, the increasing role of non-financial indicators of industrial competitiveness determines the relevance of this article. Blocks interaction management subsystems allows monitoring conjunctural changes, respond to them quickly and make management decisions towards the development of foreign trade as well as the enterprise.

State Legal Regulation of Foreign Economic Activities in the System of Legal Policy Means

This article is devoted to means of Russian legal policy in the sphere of foreign economic activities. Approaches to defining legal policy means are considered in the article, as well as classification of measures of foreign economic activities state legal regulation is pointed out. 

Introduction and Development Process Approach to Management Foreign Economic Activity of Production Facilities

In the article negatives of structural approach to management are discussed. The process approach to management of production facilities used more better when structural approach now. Structure of subprocess «Performance foreign trade contract» was revised. Matrix of breakdown and lock-in amenability show in the article.

Interrelation Between Technical Requipment and Economic-Organizing Mechanism of Foreign Economic Activity

The present article is devoted to one of the most urgent items of the stat-of-the-art development of national (domestic) manufacture. The enterprises’ development results in many ways depend on the state of production facilities and rate of competitiveness in the external market. Beneficial effect is possible to be achieved only if sound and regular interaction between two directions of development, such as technical re-equipment and external economic space broadening, will be established.