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Formation and Development of Innovative Systems of the EAEC Clustering Based Economy

Introduction. In modern conditions, determine the dynamics of innovation for economic growth and the place that occupied the country and the various unions in the global community.

Cluster Development Coordination Center as the Basis for the Operation of the Innovation System in the Integration

Introduction. The scale and complexity of the management of national innovation systems displace the interest in regional systems, and the integration process of withdrawal of the economy of the regions of the state border on the international level, in connection with the actual study of the development processes of the innovation system in terms of integration on the basis of cluster approach. Theoretical analysis.

Cluster Approach in the Development of the Service Sector: The Regional Dimension

Introduction. Nowadays, clusters in the service sector formation becomes one of the characteristics of the Russian economy region development. In accordance with The Federal Aim Program for the period from 2011 to 2018, the Saratov region is not among the federal subjects which were included in the program of federal funding assistance to promote the creation of clusters in the service sector. Despite this, we consider the possibility to discover such cluster (emerging cluster or developed one) in the territory of the Saratov region.