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арбитражный процесс

Results of Abstract Interpretation of the Volume of Norms of Civil Procedural Law

Introduction. The interpretation of legal norms is one of the main issues of legal science and practice which are quite debatable. The problem of interpreting norms in terms of their volume is very significant and is widely discussed in modern jurisprudence. The interpretation of the volume of norms acquires particular importance when it concerns civil procedural law as a system of norms that establish the procedure of hearing and solution of civil cases, administrative cases and some other ones. Theoretical analysis.

Theoretical and Practical Issues of the Hearing with Videoconferencing Systems

The persons involved in the case have the right to participate in arbitration Russia remotely using videoconferencing systems (VCS) according to the Federal Law dated 27.07.2010 № 228-FZ. This article examines a number of problems in the implementation of this law. Theoretical analysis. The author substantiate of independence of the Institute «hearing by VCS». We investigate the controversial moments of break and deposition hearing, which is conducted with IT-technology.