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Device for Experimental Shooting of Firearms and its Role in Providing Expert Research on Establishment of Circumstances of the Shot I. V. Latyshov Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Interior of Russia,

Latyshov Igor Vladimirovich, Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia
Dontsov Dmitry Yu., Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

Introduction. In order to meet the objectives for establishment of circumstances of the shot, the process of experimental shooting when shooting firearms propose a new design of a special device, allowing to obtain more accurate information about the gunshot residue in studies of objects with a complex shape of the outer surface. The article provides a comparative study of the traces of the shot from a Kalashnikov AKS-74U on the currently used flat targets and targets, mounted on a removable element with the ability to take the desired shape of the outer surface. Theoretical analysis. Now several designs of devices for experimental firing which along with advantages have also essential shortcomings are known. The main difference of the device presented in article from known is existence of a compound frame for installation of the target containing a removable element which is made of high-plastic material earlier. It allows to repeat a form of the object presented for examination at the time of a criminal shot. Experimental part. The study consisted of experimental firing, evaluation of the morphology of gunshot injuries and comparison of the topography of the distribution of gunshot residue in the area of gunshot injuries. Discussion of results. The analysis of traces of a close shot on flat and curved targets has allowed to establish distinctions of signs of influence of a gas-powder stream, thermal and mechanical effect of powder grains, adjournment of a soot. Conclusions. Found that when firing AKS-74U on flat targets and targets that are installed on the removable element, bent to the desired shape, there are differences in the morphological characteristics of gunshot injuries and topography sediment traces close shot. Thus, the use of the proposed device, comprising a removable element for attachment of the target, the shape of which follows the shape of the outer surface of the investigated object allows to obtain more accurate information about the gunshot residue in studies of objects with a complex shape of the outer surface.


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