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Guns of the Internal Forces: Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow

Polkovnikov Alexey V., Perm Military Institute of the Russian Interior Troops
Garaev Aivar Z., Perm Military Institute of the Russian Interior Troops

Introduction. In light of recent events, security sector reform, the issue of security becomes particularly relevant. The development of small arms is not in place. The troops received new samples of the weapon, thereby sending to the history of the predecessors. Theoretical analysis. The paper presents a technical description of the guns, standing ever in service of internal troops of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Russian Federation from the date of their formation. Comparative characteristics of the samples. Disclosed constructive characteristics of each. The analysis of tactical and technical data. Highlighted the positive side of each sample, noting their shortcomings. Directions of further development of pistols. Describes the problems and areas of work for design, production as handguns in General and ammo in particular. Conclusions. In the conditions of modern urban combat, when the most important factors of survival are not precision aiming, and the speed and skill with the weapon, the gun becomes one of the basic weapons.


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