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The role of legal propaganda in strengthening the ideological foundations of society

Toguzaeva Ekaterina Nikolaevna, Saratov State University

Introduction. The development of the national legal system cannot take place in isolation from the legal ideology. In its turn, the legal ideology determines the goals of the influence of legal propaganda: the ideas-values, that are key to the influencing nature of propaganda, remain basic in the legal ideology. Despite the fact that ideas-values set the goals of the impact of legal propaganda, the effectiveness of the propaganda itself depends directly on these value ideas. Theoretical analysis. The direct influence of legal propaganda is expressed in the assimilation by the individual of those stereotypes and behavior patterns that the individual was aimed at. Indirect (mediated) influence of legal propaganda is also possible. Indirect influence can be spotted in cases where there was no targeted impact, but the result is manifested in the reinforcement of previously formed attitudes, possibly through intermediary subjects, as well as under the influence of the social environment. Any law in force is an indicator of those ideas about law that have developed in a particular society and in itself also has a law-propaganda effect. Legal propaganda is not limited to its legal component: the ideological component also includes subjective components responsible for the perception and understanding of legal behavior, whether it is the political experience of the addressee, his / her sense of justice and civic responsibility. Accordingly, there is a dependence of the effectiveness of the perception of legal propaganda on the level of legal awareness: at the level of professional legal awareness, we believe that a high level of perception of legal propaganda can be registered (depending on the source of propaganda, scientific methods, manipulative means, sensitivity to public assessments, critical comprehension, etc.). Results. An extensive system of state propaganda, including legal propaganda, ensures the formation of common value orientations in society. State propaganda is multifaceted, but it is always in line with the legal field. It is concluded that propaganda is one of those active components, means that ensure the real effectiveness of legal ideology. If the legal ideology is presented as a complex mechanism of influence for the formation of certain behavior, propaganda is the means of operation of this mechanism, both in the activities of state structures and in the work of civil society institutions. It is emphasized that since the legal ideology is always tied to the results of the legal understanding of the world, the specific impact of the legal ideology is ensured by legal propaganda.

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