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state information systems

Presumption of Information Reliability in State Information Systems

Introduction. In modern conditions, the role of public information systems as a special tool for influencing public relations is increasing in various spheres related to public administration. In this regard, it is relevant to study the legal regime of such systems and, in particular, the legal regime of information that constitutes their information resource. Theoretical analysis. In accordance with the law, information contained in government information systems is official.

The Legal Regime of State and Municipal Information Systems

Introduction. State and municipal information systems are the most important tools for building the platform of e-government and of the digital economy. Systemic study and improvement of their legal support is possible through the category of “legal regime”. Theoretical analysis. Administrative and object legal regimes are singled out. The legal regime of information systems refers to the objective ones.

Information systems as a tool for regulating public relations: Analysis of Russian and world practice

Introduction. The practice of public administration in the Russian Federation is largely based on the implementation and use of public information systems in all areas. Such information systems become a tool for influencing public relations, firstly, acting as a continuation of legal norms, secondly, replacing the actual norms of law in rare individual cases and, finally, acting as a means of certifying and qualifying legal facts. Theoretical analysis.