results of intellectual activity

Issues Turnover of Cultural Property as an Object of Intellectual Property

Introduction. When considering the cultural values as the object of intellectual property is revealed a number of contentious issues arising, in particular, of the shortcomings of civil-legal regulation of their turnover. Purpose. The main purpose is to identify these problems and rationale to resolve conflicts between the provisions of civil law. Results. The right to disclosure of a work in the system of copyright, implies, in particular, and the displaying of cultural values. In the legislation there is no clear definition of «image (playback) of objects of culture and cultural heritage», the question of the legality of the use of cultural values of images without obtaining permission is analyzed. Conclusion. The authors identified a conflict between the provisions of the Federal Law «On the Museum Fund of the Russian Federation and museums in the Russian Federation», establishing the obligation for all parties permission to use images of cultural values and the provisions of the Civil Code, allows free use of such images. Substantiated proposal for its elimination.

Organization of Monitoring the Results of Intellectual Activity in High Schools

Introduction. The important role is given to the high school, which is characterized by accompaniment of innovative process and perfection of innovative infrastructures of different intellectual activity’s results. Theoretical analysis. One of the main participants in the creation of innovative infrastructure are universities. However, the lack of Office of Scientific Research and Development’s model, doesn’t allow Russian economy to reach the high rival level. Besides that, one whole mechanism of revelation, consideration and control of all realized researches is lacking in the high school itself. Results. The structure, the special department of university, studying the complex of affairs, directed on the organization of scientific and technical activity’s tracking in different courses of development and its results must be in the foundation of realization of one policy of management of scientific and innovative activity of university’s complex. Monitoring of Research and Technological Development and commercialization of scientific and technical results must be the main aim of suggested structure.