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Specificity of macro- and microrestrictions in an economy under transformation

In the article the main makroogranicheniya in Russia’s economy. Raslooking model of economic development. Mikroogranicheniya are distinguished in the activity of enterprises. Investigate barter and weak government regulation as the major constraints in the economy of Russia.

Legal Advantages and Restrictions in System of Regulation of the Labour Relations

Introduction. In modern state and legal and economic conditions as one of the perspective directions of increase of efficiency of employment relationships, eradication of discrimination use not imperative (regulations instructions, restrictions, prohibitions), and residuary rules acts. The regulations benefits assuming establishment for certain subjects of privileges and privileges concern to the last. Theoretical analysis.

The Restrictions and the Bans Connected with Implementation of Powers of the Judge

Introduction. In article the requirements to judges and also to candidates for the judge’s position provided by the current legislation of the Russian Federation are considered. Similar requirements inherently represent the system of restrictions of constitutional rights of the person and citizen. Theoretical analysis.

On the doctrinal principles of family law (The case study of the principle of responsibility for violation of family law norms)

Introduction. The article proposes supplementing the system of principles of family law with a new doctrinal principle – the principle of responsibility for violations of family law. Theoretical analysis. The article explores scientific ideas about the system of principles of family law, the features of family legal responsibility, the relationship of protection measures and liability measures in family law. Result.