moral standards

Moral and Ethical Parliamentary Deputy`S Image as the Subject of Legal Regulation

Introduction. The article analyzes the legal aspects of moral and ethical image and behavior of parliamentary deputy. Object. The main object of the paper is to study the legal nature and mechanism of implementation of the Rules of parliamentary ethics, as well as responsibility for the violation of moral norms by deputies. Results. The authors analyzed the legislative acts providing the basics of moral and ethical deputy`s image and regulating the ethical behavior of parliamentarians and their responsibility for the violation the law. It was revealed the Russian legislation contains many unresolved issues in the regulation of parliamentary deputy’s behavior. The provisions of the draft Code of Parliamentary Ethics were considered. The normative and obligatory nature of the document was ascertained. The authors proved that the condition obliged the deputies to keep the moral and ethical standards both during the service hours and off duty should be included in the Code. Conclusion. Тhe authors conclude that the Rules of parliamentary ethics should be obligatory. The legal provisions should have the broad interpretation implying the regulation of the behavior of deputies both at the service and off duty. The Code of Parliamentary Ethics should contain a wide and clearly-defined list of sanctions including deprivation of the deputy`s voting right at the parliamentary meetings for a certain period, fines, and deprivation of parliamentary mandate in cases of rough and systematic violations the law.