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legal status

«Dignity» and «legal status» categories as elements of fight against corruption

The paper provides a definition of dignity, its relation with legal categories, indicates the need to include dignity to the legal status of the person, which will strengthen the effect of the rules of professional ethical codes, and the need of increasing the impact of educational institutes on the formation of the concept of person’s dignity, which will lead to the formation of moral restrictions in the personality, and, consequently, to reduction of corruption crime.

The System of Economic Relations in the Sphere of Self-employment of the Population of Russia

Introduction. The relevance of the problem of self-employment in Russia is justified by the need for its legalization, withdrawal from the shadow economy and attracting this category of the population to pay various kinds of contributions and taxes. While attempts of the authorities to legalize self-employed citizens and determine their legal status have not been successful, which indicates a lack of theoretical development of this phenomenon.

Essence of the Principle of Legal Definiteness: In Search of Constitutional and Legal Sense

Introduction. The article analyzes the principle of legal definiteness from the perspective of the role or function it performs in a legal system. Theoretical analysis. The article highlights that the category of “legal definiteness” cannot essentially be reduced to the concept of “definiteness of law” since it refers not only to the system of law, but also to a legal system in general.