Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Development of Some Aspects of Political and Legal Conceptions of Power in Europe

The article focuses on the concept of power in various doctrines of European countries and its functioning within the doctrines before the concept of institution of state based on the rule of law emerged.

Institutional Maintenance of Strategic Planning of Territorial Development in Russia

Now interests of realization of a system territorial policy only in small degree are reflected in the current legislation. However, considering that the majority of territorial programs has a strongly pronounced regional orientation, follows more accurately oriented the legislation on the decision of priority, strategic problems of territorial management.

Legal State and State Compulsion

The article analyzes the problems of state compulsion in a legal state as the primary method of control. The author, using the historical method, demonstrates the practical application of compulsion in the Russian state. Indicated that, in the modern state compulsory measures can be used in several guises. In particular, as a means of overcoming social conflict and the fight against terrorism. There are several arguments justifying the need for compulsion in the modern legal state.

The child and the Constitution of Russia: Conversations about important issues

Introduction. The presumption of knowledge of the law and laws of the state assumes that every citizen knows the necessary amount of legal information sufficient to fulfill the basic obligation to comply with the Constitution and laws of the Russian Federation. Accordingly, the study of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and basic laws is mandatory and should be integrated into educational programs at all levels.