Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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innovative development of the region

Innovative Development of the Saratov Region: the Arguments «Pro» and «Contra»

Introduction. The article proposes to consider innovation not only as a factor of economic development, as well as a tool to resolve difficult conflicts and overcome the limitations that can not be overcome by other means. Theoretical analysis. In the process of development of economic systems they formed conservative structures that this development is stopped. The paper put forward the hypothesis that such contradictions are not solved structures of the economic system.

Factors Affecting the Innovative Development of the Region

Introduction. The problems of determining the composition of the factors influencing the innovative development of the region, the methodologies for measuring this influence and the development of tools for its evaluation are relevant in the context of developing potential mechanisms for stimulating regional innovation activity in modern conditions. Theoretical analysis.

The Role of National Research Universities in Innovative Development of Regions

Innovative development of regions is caused by effective cooperation between state authorities, business, science, which helps to improve the conditions for innovations, and form a regional triple helix. A significant role in the innovation development of the regions is entrusted to the national research Universities, which carry out training of highly skilled personnel and conduct fundamental and applied scientific research. Theoretical analysis.