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innovative activity

Features of Formation of a Mechanism for Evaluating Innovative Potential of Machine-building Enterprise

Introduction. To innovate engineering plants must be of sufficient magnitude innovative potential. Therefore, it is advisable to optimize the mechanism for evaluating innovative potential of machine-building enterprises. Theoretical analysis.

Methods and Forms of Investment Innovation at the Meso Level

Introduction. The urgent need for the formation of national innovative system of the Russian Federation actualizes the problem of building innovative systems of meso-economic level, the solution is impossible without determining the most effective forms and methods of investing in the innovative development of the regions, bringing the required volumes of investment resources at the right time. For this it is necessary to accurately determine the terminology, to reveal the economic substance of the studied concepts to conduct data classification.

Features оf Innovative Activity in the Investment Sphere

In article features of the organization of innovative activity of investment institutes are considered. The last, to some extent enter into an investment component of innovative infrastructure (IСII) and are thus urged to solve the most important problem of ensuring innovative development at various levels financial resources. At the same time subjects of IСII need innovative development that in turn dema nds identification and the description of features innovative деятельности in the investment sphere.

Innovative Activity аs Legal Institution

In article modern problems of legal regulation of innovative activity in the Russian Federation are considered. The author proves the position according to which there are all necessary theoretical preconditions considering innovative activity as interbranch institution of the Russian law.