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information security

Legal problems of using the virtual space of the metaverse in the educational process of the university

Introduction. On the one hand, traditional forms, methods and means of teaching are used in the educational process of a university, on the other hand, education cannot be static, it must meet modern requirements and challenges. Artificial intelligence technologies are rapidly developing in society, and their introduction into education will provide students with a modern, high-quality education.

Legal Regime of Information Production and Distribution

Developing information technologies enhance production and distribution of messages and materials that contain various data and opinions. However, distributed information can both pursue positive goals and have a destructive impact on individual and social consciousness, be exploited to achieve publicly illegitimate and wrongful goals. Purpose. The author aims at studying and describing legal regime of information production and distribution stipulated by the Russian legislation. Results.

Misleading Information as a Type of Harmful Information: Analysis of Legal Nature and Systematization

Introduction. Effective legal tools of information security of an individual, society, and state are essential for information society, with protection from misleading information being one of the issues. Object. The research aims at systematization of misleading information types. Distribution of misleading information is dangerous for the society and, therefore, is prohibited by the Russian legislation. Results.