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information sector

Institutional Innovation of Business Structure in Conditions of Information

Introduction. In terms of informatization, business structures are undergoing many changes, introduced many technological and institutional innovations. The introduction of new technologies in production, build new strategies for organization of business processes (e.g., in a virtual space), as well as changing the informal rules of the game, for example, for the operation of virtual organizations based on the trust of participants to each other, greatly increases the productivity and competitiveness of modern organizations. Theoretical analysis.

Firm as the Research Object in the Theory of Information Economy

Introduction. The role of firm in the conditions of information economy is investigated in the article. Modern economic realities reflect the global change of economic paradigm and the transition to the information society. This fact naturally influences on behavior of firm as active economic agent. Considering theoretical aspect of a traditional role of firm as a main manufacturer in economy, there is topical issue: whether there is this role invariable in the conditions of new realities of information economy? Theoretical analysis.