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Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutions and Legislation of Foreign States

Introduction. The United Nations and the World Health Organization are completing the formation of an international system of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, carrying out the implementation provisions of this system into national law. The ongoing process obeys to a number of general rules, whose analysis is carried out in this article. Object. Universal patterns in the development of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, using as illustrations of this development the constitutions and the laws of India, Switzerland and Gabon.

India: Opportunities and Prospects for Foreign Economic Cooperation of the Russian Federation

Introduction. Analyzing the changes in foreign trade, as well as taking into account the global trends in the field of foreign trade, we can talk about the need to find new partners for the Russian economy, as well as the expansion of already established foreign economic relations. One of these partners for Russia could be India. However, there are a number of factors as obstacles to this process, as well as a positive influence on him. Theoretical analysis.