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human rights

The Concept of the Social State: Sources and the Present

The concept «the social state» all is wider, especially last years, is used in domestic economic, political, jurisprudence. In the scientific article attempt of judgement of substantive provisions of the concept of the social state is undertaken.

Legal aspects of using information technology to compensate for physical disabilities

Introduction. In the modern period there is a dynamic introduction of information technology in all spheres of social life. Scientific and applied achievements concerning the development of IT began to be actively used for the rehabilitation of people who became disabled, including those with problems with the musculoskeletal system, muscle atrophy, loss of hearing, vision, etc. Theoretical analysis.

Vectors of development of constitutional protection of human rights in connection with the progress of genomics

Introduction. In modern conditions of rapid development of genomics, the formation of a database of genetic testing of the Russian population, the legislative framework that effectively protects human rights and legitimate interests is only being formed in Russia. Theoretical analysis. Genetic information is of interest not only for a person who has undergone genetic testing, but also for his / her family members, the state in the organization of personalized medicine, employers, insurers, bankers.

The Political and Legal Basis of interaction of Business Ombudsman with Authorities and Other Organizations on Protection of Rights and Legal Interests of Subjects of Entrepreneurial Activity (based on performances at the III International Conference «Mo

Introduction. At the present stage of development of the institution of human rights and individual categories of citizens in the Russian Federation is particularly important legal analysis of the Commissioner’s powers to protect the rights of entrepreneurs on the federal and regional level in the Russian Federation. At the present stage, this institution is developing intensively. Implementation of office business ombudsman directly related to the problems of its interaction with various public authorities to protect the rights of business entities.

The Main Approaches of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation to the Constitutional Principle of Non-discrimination

Introduction. As discrimination is a negative phenomenon, counteracting it is an important problem. Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation plays considerable part in this process because it can protects subjects of law from law-making discrimination. Theoretical analysis. The article considers main approaches to the constitutional principle of non-discrimination, containing in legal positions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation.

Sexual and Reproductive Rights and Freedoms in the Constitutions and Legislation of Foreign States

Introduction. The United Nations and the World Health Organization are completing the formation of an international system of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, carrying out the implementation provisions of this system into national law. The ongoing process obeys to a number of general rules, whose analysis is carried out in this article. Object. Universal patterns in the development of sexual and reproductive rights and freedoms, using as illustrations of this development the constitutions and the laws of India, Switzerland and Gabon.

Securing the Right to Life of Hostages while Suppressing the Actions of Terrorists Who Seized an Aircraft or a Water Vessel

Introduction. While forming measures to ensure security, each state seeks to effectively counter terrorist activities. For this purpose, many countries, including the Russian Federation, are establishing the legislative possibility of destroying aircrafts and water vessels together with crew and passengers.

Legal Certainty and Democracy: What the “Constitutional Legislator” Allows

Introduction. The article analyzes the legal certainty of the individual as the stability of the content of fundamental rights and freedoms in the context of democratic processes of reforming the current legislation and the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Theoretical analysis. The article notes that the need for stability of fundamental human rights and freedoms is in some contradiction with their dynamic, evolutionary nature.

Correlation of international and regional (Muslim) concepts in the field of human rights

Introduction. The article is devoted to the problems of correlation of international standards in the field of human rights, based on the liberal values of Western civilization, with regional acts of Muslim countries, correlating with Islam. The study analyzes various points of view of scientists on the issues of universalism of human rights and cultural relativism.

Category of «Value» in Constitutional Law of Russia

The article investigates the category values in constitutional law. The author examines the constitutional and legal content of such values as a person, his rights and freedoms, equality, justice. Enshrined in the Constitution and the realization of these values cause the development of Russia as a democratic, social state.