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Some aspects of improving the effectiveness of public administration in contingencies

Introduction. The nature of problems and challenges that arise in the modern state involves rethinking its functions, tasks and approaches to their solution in order to respond in a timely manner and take effective action. The most important tool for this is the law – the main regulator of socio-economic relations. Theoretical analysis. The balance of interests of the individual person and society as a whole is constantly under the influence of objective and subjective factors.

Modeling the Optimal Functioning of the Supply Logistics System Activity

Introduction. In the current economic conditions, when the activities of the subjects carried out in conditions of risk and uncertainty growing systematically address issues of optimal control of production and marketing activities with the use of the conceptual foundations of logistics has become a priority in the operation of complex systems and management decisions. Theoretical analysis.

System Analysis of Environmental Factors in the Operation of Logistics System

Introduction. The growing uncertainty of the business environment, increased business risks requires search methods and mechanisms of control destabilizing factors influencing the level of achievement of the purposes of the logistics system and the achievement of its resulting indicators within the established setting, which is particularly important to enhance the operation of complex systems. Theoretical analysis. During the operation of the logistics system should be achieved stability, efficiency and competitiveness of its most desirable state.

Optimization and Improving Efficiency of Public Sector Expenditures in the Context of the Economic Area De-globalization

Introduction. There is an exacerbation of the struggle between the countries for the implementation of their economic interests in the global market in the context of a multipolar world formation. The de-globalization trends increase and emerging local and global economic crises form the series of new requirements to ensure the efficiency of the public sector housekeeper. The article analyzes the measures to optimize the public sector costs during the crisis. Theoretical analysis.

Information Support (Advanced Technologies) as a Means to Improve the Efficiency of the Execution of Acts

Introduction. In today’s world there is a trend change in the existing and creation of new civil procedural means in the enforcement proceedings, due to the rapid development of economic relations and technological advances. The article investigates the new civil procedural means – modern technology – as a means of improving the efficiency of enforcement proceedings. Currently selected topic insufficiently developed by scientists, every day there are new technical features that are not applicable without translation into legal language. Results.

About the Use of Performance Indicators Efficiency of Activity of the Enteprise of Service Industries: Logistics Aspect

Introduction. The urgency of evaluation of efficiency of logistical activity at the present stage of economic development, concerning both traditional and service logistics. It is shown that the development of service logistics, determining the production activity of the enterprises of sphere of services on the logistics platform makes even more meaningful the issues of systematization of indicators that measure the strength of. Theoretical analysis.

Portfolio Analysis Technologies in the Logistics System

Introduction. The modern functioning of logistics systems, which is characterized by high demands for increasing efficiency, saving resources, reducing the costs of product distribution, confirms the relevance of the competitiveness of enterprises through the use of advanced resource management technologies.

Optimizing of Selection of Public Procurement Vendor Based on the Risk Management Methodology

Introduction. Under globalization, the current international political and economic relations, the Russian Federation is changing to a new state policy in the field of system modernization of public procurement. Theoretical analysis. The development of predominantly market-based mechanisms of regulation, liberalization of the economy along with degradation of the regulatory role of state governance structures lead to increased risks in public procurement.

Questions of the Efficiency Increase of the Crime Prevention Against Criminal Legal Proceeding Participants

Introduction. Questions of the current ineffective protection of criminal trial participants in the Russian Federation are extremely topical. Due to this circumstance, such crimes undermine the authority of the domestic administration of justice and do serious harm to the personality. The paper is devoted to the problems of increasing the efficiency of measures to counteract such crimes. Methods. In this work, the method of sociological questioning of more than 400 criminal trial participants was applied. Results.

The Role of Accounting in Organizational-Economic Mechanism of Foreign Trade of the Industrial Enterprise

This article discusses the theoretical aspects of management accounting in organizational and economic mechanism of foreign trade activities. Increased international competition, the increasing role of non-financial indicators of industrial competitiveness determines the relevance of this article. Blocks interaction management subsystems allows monitoring conjunctural changes, respond to them quickly and make management decisions towards the development of foreign trade as well as the enterprise.